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Reliability, innovation, performance... Pixel sur Mer develops and installs high-tech equipment used for navigation.
Our team offers customized solutions in the fields of marine electronics and hardware.
Our commitment goes beyond our expertise. Our deep knowledge of the ocean and of sailors is an invaluable asset to better understand the needs of our customers and support their projects.

Years of engineering and navigation on all seas, with the greatest skippers…
All this work to culminate today in our innovative project, EXOCET.
Our products are compatible and interface with performing navigation systems on the market and adapt to any boat.

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Find the Release Notes and the latest updates of the Firmwares of the products online.

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System Integration

Optic fiber

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Customized engineering


Dans le cadre de son développement, Pixel sur Mer propose régulièrement des offres d’emplois ou de stage.
Si vous ne trouvez pas votre bonheur dans nos offres, n’hésitez pas à nous transmettre une candidature spontanée par mail à recrutement@pixelsurmer.com

Dive into the heart of our team’s news. Interviews, events, news.... A selection of articles and videos to keep you informed.

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10 years of consulting and services : integration of mechatronic systems, Optic Fiber instrumentation, navigation, routing, equipment & software development…

Ours partners

  • Daniele COSTANTINI

    Ph.D. Business development manager, european office "Micronoptics Inc. Atlanta"

    A leading partner for our Optic Fiber instrumentation projects. Daniele paved the way for this technology with Alinghi, the Swiss Challenge during America’s Cup.

  • Jean-Claude MONNIN

    Founder and leader of Monnin Software

    Performance software developer for Team New Zealand, Jean-Claude now has three America’s Cup victories under his belt ! An added value like no other for Pixel’s R&D.

  • Olivier DOUILLARD

    Founder and leader of AIM45, Navigator

    20 years of sailing at the highest level and a unique experience in performance analysis. Olivier is an essential go-between for sailors and Pixel as far as the end-state of our embedded systems is concerned.

  • Luc DUBOIS

    Performance Analysis Engineer

    Co-creator of 3DL in the world of sailing, Luc has participated in all America’s Cups since 2000 in the Design Teams Alinghi, TNZ and BAR.
    A world authority for our acquisition and performance measurement systems.

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